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Earth Day and Planets

Earth Day and Planets

Teaching our children at a young age to care about the planet, keeping the earth clean and preserving it’s natural resources is essentially giving them a gift — the gift to wonder and be curious about the world around us, to experience awe at something bigger than ourselves, to experience a connection between the living things on our earth, to be kind, to develop empathy and awareness, creating solutions and making a difference.

After the Little Innovators learned that our planet’s resources aren’t infinite and won’t last forever (we were blown away by the facts that a plastic bag can take at least 10 years to decompose, aluminum cans up to 200 years, and disposable diapers over 500 years) we brainstormed things that hurt the earth (“wasting water”, “throwing trash in the ocean”, “cutting down trees”, “not walking – driving everywhere” etc.) and asked “How can we help the earth?” (“be nice to bugs!”, “recycle!”, “don’t leave the lights on!”, “don’t litter!”, “use both sides of our paper!”, “walk more!”, “don’t use so many wrappers – Wyeth has food in jars!”, “learn how to ride a bike – I can ride without training wheels!”, “don’t throw away paint!”, “plant trees”, “turn of the water while brushing your teeth!”, “don’t use toilet paper :)!”).

Learning to wonder and to ask questions lead to thoughtfulness: Since there’s lots of litter on our treehouse playground the Little innovators decided to pick it up, cleaned and reused it. On the children’s initiative (and quite intrigued with observational drawing) we made signs to remind people to not litter on our playground: Don’t be a “litterbug!”

Collecting and looking at all kinds of trash was very intriguing so we reused some of the more interesting objects to make our own “litterbug” collage:

Fascinated by every piece of trash we’ve found (ski poles, candy wrappers, straws, nails, cans etc.) we wanted to see more of what people throw away and what of that could be reusable/recyclable (the Trailhead recycles!). We ended up making our own trash truck “so we can look every week what’s in it!”:

What can you and your family do to help preserve the earth?

From Ms. Sue:

We are cruising right along with another week of working independently as well as working with others to experience cooperation and helpfulness. It is so great to see them able to ask for help and someone is always willing to step in when asked.
We have been doing some studies on the planets in our solar system and how we as humans are discovering what goes on out there in space! We are using library books to learn about the planets and what scientists have discovered.
On Tuesday, we talked about how humans travel to space!  We made rocket ships and used straws for blast off!
It was a lot of fun!


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