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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing moms! You love us no matter what, you hold our hand, cheer us on, you set us up for a life of good emotional, physical and mental health and work hard every day to make sure we’ll have it good! This is your day of getting pampered! Let us tell you: You’re doing a wonderful job! We love you!

To make you feel extra special the Little Innovators prepared some surprises for you. We teamed up with one of our supermoms to make perfumes. Why perfumes? Lately we often play in the sand pit, with kinetic sand or leave the water on to play with it – we love anything sensory involving pouring, scooping, dripping and stirring. As perfume makers we got to squeeze citrus fruit, snip herbs, pine needles and flowers, scooped lavender, dropped oils, smelled, stirred and named our potions. It was truly delightful!

* Thanks to Briana from the Rooted Apothecary for setting us up with an essential oil and lots of tips about perfume-making! Thanks also goes to Florist Keli from Misty Mountain for donating a bunch of her fabulous smelling roses!

After we unsuccessfully tried to make soap we decided our mommies deserve their own love banner which we decorated with special love messages, hearts and family portraits, created with Sharpies and watercolors on canvas:

Did we tell you how much we love you?


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