The Trailhead Seeks Community Help for New Home

Dear Crested Butte Community near and far,

Our beloved Trailhead Children’s Museum is in the middle of a very challenging transition to find a new facility; a new home where we can continue our mission of providing an engaging indoor environment that encourages families to play, create and learn together. It is our hope that this letter will reach members of our community, perhaps realtors, developers, business and property owners, builders, and philanthropists, who are unaware of our situation and may be able to help.

Why a new facility?

As our community grows, so do the great non-profit organizations that provide such amazing amenities and elevate our quality of life here.  However, sometimes that growth puts us in the undesirable yet unavoidable position of competing with each other for space and financial support.  For many years, the long-term plan for The Trailhead was to move into the new facility for the Center for the Arts.  Through the design review process with Town officials and community members, the size of that building was reduced for good reason, and the portion which The Trailhead would occupy was removed from the proposed designs. Without knowledge of that change to our future plans, Crested Butte Mountain Resort entered negotiations to sell the property we currently occupy in the base area to the Adaptive Sports Center so they could fulfill their dream of building their new facility.  Through no one’s intent, The Trailhead has simply been squeezed out of our current options for a home.

How can the community help? 

We need insights and ideas from you.  We believe we have chased every potential option to rent or purchase a commercial space, but perhaps we’ve overlooked something; perhaps you know of a space we haven’t thought of yet.  At the very least we need a temporary facility to rent by the end of the ski season, ideally a commercial space of more than 1,000 square feet in Crested Butte or Mt. Crested Butte, where we can showcase a few exhibits and activities for families to enjoy on a cold day.  In the long run, we need the community’s support to buy or build our “dream facility” to house more complex and large-scale exhibits in addition to several large classrooms to run year-round art education programs.


We know with certainty that The Trailhead has been and remains a place where families with young children come to play and learn.  Over 3,500 parents and children from the Gunnison Valley meet at The Trailhead throughout the year, often developing long-lasting friendships. Almost 1,500 spots in our year-round education programs are held by local children.  Through art, these children have the opportunity to view the world in new ways, to develop self-expression and self-confidence, and to feel that the world is full of unanticipated possibilities.  These are critical lessons in our modern society.


It is our greatest hope that The Trailhead can continue to enrich the lives of parents and children for many years to come.  If you or someone you know has an idea of a commercial space where we can promote this vision, please give us a call or email, 970-349-7160 or

The Trailhead Board:
Erin Fabbre
Jasey Faulkner
Melissa Fenlon
John Garmhausen
Mona Merrill
Marilyn Krill, Executive Director


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