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Sewing and Sock Caterpillars

Sewing and Sock Caterpillars

We’re still investigating a range of materials and started combining them. This week we’ve moved on from MIxed Media to include the Textile Arts.

We enjoyed the process of painting on fabric.  We watched as the watercolors mixed and seeped right into our fabric as well as used Sharpies and Oil Pastels as the background for our sewn Wall Hangings.

We had fun practicing sewing on a big piece of burlap before sewing our own pieces of art.

Proudly announcing that we’re able to sew now we asked if we can make stuffies next :). So we made sock caterpillars using mismatched socks, lots of filling, rubber bands, glue, fabric, sequins, buttons, pipecleaners, pompoms etc. Too much fun!

From Ms. Sue:
Quite a busy day on Tuesday. The kids continue to work with materials they are familiar with showing total concentration and success in their endeavors.

In a Montessori classroom, children are encouraged to work independently by choosing their own materials to work with. They may choose “Sensorial Materials” such as clay, nesting dolls, and a variety of sorting activities. These exercises are concerned with the development and refinement of the five senses. They help to build sense discrimination, observation and descriptive language.

This week many of them also chose to practice cutting with scissors, arranging geometric shapes, and working with many puzzles.


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