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We see Spring!

We see Spring!

Spring is here! This week we created our own Spring Shadow Boxes, inspired by various spring books we’ve been reading, e.g. “Turtle Spring” etc.

We asked questions like: “What happens in the Spring?”, “What is the weather like?”, What is happening to plants, animals, and insects in Spring?”, “What special things do you do in Spring?”, “What happens to daylight?”, “What do you wonder about the Spring?” (”Why don’t the birds stay in the south?”) and “Why are there seasons?”

Each one of us came up with their own spring theme variation, including rivers that swell because the snow melts, butterflies that grow out of caterpillars, birds that come back from their southern winter homes to build nests and lay eggs, sun that shines warmer, flowers that start blooming and children that get to play soccer outside!

Enjoy the Little Innovator’s awesome spring interpretations!


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