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We're ready for our Valentine's Parade!

We’re ready for our Valentine’s Parade!

This week we had so much fun preparing our “Valentine’s Parade”: Keep an eye out for us in downtown Crested Butte on February, 14th! We will spread love through kindness and will be giving out clay hearts – made with love “to make someone else happy” (Willie):

We talked about how good it makes us feel to do something kind for another and decided we need some props for our Valentine’s Parade – “like a Magic Wand that makes everyone be nice!” (Lyra). So we made Happy Heart Puppets that will accompany us to town:

We also asked questions like “What is love?” “What makes you feel loved?” and “How can you show love?” which provoked truly priceless and thoughtful answers:

Lucinda: “Love is when my mommy plays soccer with me!”

Harper: “Love is when I cleaned up the playroom all by myself! And giving people high-fives!”

Lyra: “Love is when you give people your favorite toys and dresses!’

Willie: “Love is when you share toys and when you love people!”

Avonlee: “Love is giving hugs and kisses and getting candy!”

Isaac: “Love is hugging and kissing!”

We’ve already been superfriends this week, caring for each other with kindness, complimenting our ideas and artworks, comforting each other, sharing and nicely asking for turns, respecting each others space, politely asking if we can join and making sure even the smallest one’s can join in what we play!

A note from Ms. Sue,

The kiddos are just cruising in their abilities to self direct their own activities. They are choosing different work stations that interest them and literally taking off!  Kids are working on new puzzles this week.  We are also doing science experiments with different “solutions” to see the different reactions.  We are learning new vocabulary words – sink, float, magnetic and non-magnetic to name a few, and also doing experiments that relate to these words.

What is something small and kind you can do for someone else this week?


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