Sewing Seeds



Celebrate the coming of spring and the new flowers it will bring. Create a unique multimedia work of art that you can display as a wall hanging, pillow, or attach as a patch to textiles. Our professionally trained art teacher Jade Witzel will lead the class through watercolor techniques on fabrics, layered with beginner embroidery designs. The result will be an original work of painting and textile art, framed in a pine embroidery hoop.


Jade is a graduate of the Fine Arts degree program at Western Colorado university. In her own words, “hands often communicate feelings that we subconsciously share through body language. I use this to ignite a connection between myself, the art, and the viewer. Through my art, I explore emotions, some of which call for bright colors and patterns, while others demand textiles that move away from the confinement of the canvas. The materials show that the feelings analyzed in the pieces are loud and need to be heard. With this, I encourage the exploration of others’ perspectives.”


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Sweetheart Stitches


April 29th

1:00 – 3:00 pm


At the CB Center For the Arts


$20 for the first participant, $5 per each additional participant.

Members receive a 15% discount

Ages 5 and under are welcome to attend at no cost.



This workshop is a an adult + child offering. This is NOT a drop off program.


Each participant will go home with a watercolor + embroidery wall hanging


Refreshments will be served.


If cost is a barrier to you and your family attending, please contact We will ensure that all who are interested are able to attend!


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