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June 10 – Aug 19, Monday


Ages: 9-11


9am – 3pm


Price: $60



Advanced Art is designed for older artists who are ready to dive into a lengthier art process, focusing on one medium or larger project per camp day. Students immerse themselves in a project, working toward a final product each camp day. In addition, they have the opportunity to use more sophisticated art supplies at each session.


See themes and project examples below.

Advanced Art Themes & Projects EXAMPLES

Dive into the collage making process and learn how to make a masterpiece out of magazines, recycled material, paint, photos or artifacts brought from home. Learn the skills to transform a canvas board using the overlapping of paper, paint, and photos onto a two-dimensional surface.

Use stamping, marbling, and ink dipping to make personalized stationery and envelopes. Use a variety of art materials such as paint, tape, ink, stamps, colored pencils and much more.

Needle felting is the process of transforming wool into 3D objects with a barbed needle. Create a wool animal or plant sculpture with various colors. This class covers the basics of using wool, learning wet and dry felting, and making animal/plant sculptures.

Learn the basics of jewelry and beading and create your own unique jewelry. Techniques include basic wirework, stamping and handmade beads. Use design principles to arrange different material and handmade beads to create stunning wearable art. Instructor: Abby Johnson.

Learn different techniques and methods to change the way watercolor and ink meets the paper. Topics include brush selection, color theory, and watercolor techniques. Look at ways to transform watercolors by combining pigments and textures and looking at the contrast between color and negative space.

Create your own stained glass design on plexiglass and bring it to life with glass paint, beads, and other recycled materials. The theme will incorporate fresh and dried flowers corresponding with Created Buttes Wildflower festival.

While using the ancient technique of coiling, students learn the process of weaving while experimenting with color, shape, and pattern. Learn the basics of a leno weave, then finish the two-day workshop with a rope coil basket.

Experiment with non-tradition batik materials to look at how designs are made with ink resistance. Create a hand drawn image, transfer it to stretched fabric, and use a handmade paste and different inks/paints to create the look of an ancient textile batik design.

Create a step-by-step painting of a summer flower landscape. Learn brushstroke, pallet knife, and paint techniques to enhance your painting and bring the wildflowers to life.

Learn the basics of alcohol inks and see how this medium can be transformed on tiled and other 3D surfaces and materials. Inks will be transformed into abstract and realistic designs.

Create your own personalized designs to be used with the temporary body tattooing technique of henna.


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