Hands on Fun!!

Garden to Grocery   These life-like vignettes use the power of dramatic play to teach children and families about healthy food choices, where food comes from and how it is made. Featuring multiple hands-on playscapes!


The Cabin *NEW*.   New to our home on 6th Street, we have built a cabin in the Museum!  Let their imaginations run wild playing house, food truck, (stuffed) animal sanctuary, or wild west fort.  Complete with grill, sink, and picnic table for realistic, dramatic, and cooperative play, this exhibit is already a hit, so come to the cabin and join the fun!


The Block Yard   Let your engineering imagination run wild with our large assortment of Imagination Playground Blocks!  Everyone loves building with big blue blocks!


The Lego Bench  Legos, more legos, and fun challenges to stimulate the creative brain on the Lego Bench.  Challenge Dad to build a rocket ship or work as a family to build something EPIC!  The possibilities are endless, and there’s no risk of stepping on Legos in the middle of the night!


Costume Box   From tooth fairies with tiger tails to construction workers with bee antennae to chefs with tutus, our costume selection will inspire dramatic play throughout the museum!  Watch as a simple costume change transforms the cabin from pizza kitchen to fairy fortress!


Ice Cream Cart *NEW*   One of our new rotating exhibits, engage in sweet dramatic play with your little one while they dish up ice cream cones and sandwiches, then follow them to the cash register to complete the transaction!  Watch them share scoops, take orders, and explore the magic of magnets.  Did I mention we have DONUTS?!?!?


Puppet Theater/Stuffed Animal Den   Use our wild animal puppets to put on a show in our very own puppet theater, take them to the Vet for a checkup, or gather all the animals in the Cabin for a very important meeting.  Our animals are waiting for you!


The Veterinarian’s Table *NEW*   Another of our rotating exhibits, drop by the Vet’s office to explore pet health!  With organs, knees, teeth, and jaws on display, and X-Rays and a Light Table to explore, discover ways to help keep our furry family members healthy.  Need a little more excitement? Stuffies get sick too, prep the table for an emergency and let our little healers help a hurt T-Rex!


Nursery Nook   Designed for our smallest visitors. The nursery nook features activities focused on early development, and is gated to keep young children safe.


The Art Bar  Come use our materials in any way imaginable, or paint a giant picture!  Visit the Art Table to check out or rotating art project.  If you don’t see what you want or you have a specific project in mind, ask the friendly folks at the front desk for supplies!


The Trailhead Light Lab  Next to the Vet’s Office, explore our lighted table!  With colored magnets, X-Rays, Wedge-its, and colored pencil blending, this exhibit is sure to light your creativity!


Magnet Board and  Wedgits   Build, create and explore with this wonderful exhibit for the little engineer. Magnet gears and words cover the board so explore gears and ratios or sentence structure.  Build a tall Wedgit tower (think Lincoln Logs from the land of the Pharaohs) and remember, the taller your structure, the more fun it is to knock it down!

Outdoor Exhibits

The Trailhead Treehouse

Next to the bungee trampolines in the Crested Butte Mountain Resort Adventure Park, stands the two story “Trailhead Tree House”, a custom playhouse designed and built by Daniels Wood Land, Inc. Made from a real, old fallen tree that is hollowed out by a chainsaw, the tree house is a unique creation that’s been thoughtfully decorated to reflect Crested Butte’s mountain heritage. The Trailhead Tree House is an amazing place of fantasy, mystery and adventure that the little ones will want to explore over and over.

The Outside Build Yard and Deck

Need a breath of fresh air? Step out the side door and into the Great Outdoors!  Fill your lungs with that sweet mountain air and fill your soul with a view of Crested Butte Mountain’s peak!  Picnic on the deck or play in the mulch, sometimes it’s nice to get outside for a minute, and the kiddos will love the shovels, Megablocks, dump trucks, or Plein Air easels.


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